Incorrect display normal map in UE unlike Unity(

this screen in UE,
this in Unity

in UE convex, concave - it is not clear what it depends on, although one light source
in the Unity all right - shadows made by the light properly


Interestingly enough… I see both of those images the same way.
If I stare at them long enough I can see them the other way as well, like my brain switches between them being convex and then concave…
I’m not sure what to tell you :S

eeeyyy, in the screen arrows shows where is problem. in the same place must be shadows, but UE view that somewhere is some where not -

update: and it is only one system. on the other tests - normally. right now, try to reinstall.



if not displayed correctly, you need to do normal maps as tangential and in the Photoshop invert this.