Incorrect Collision Sizes from PhysicsAsset?

I’ve been working on a project lately to familiarize myself with networking in UE4, so I’ve decided to make a simple vehicular shooter game and as such I set out on a journey to look for vehicles that are fit for a wasteland-ish setting. There wasn’t a whole lot available, but I managed to find this one jeep for just $10 so I’ve been trying to set it up for UE4 using the Advanced Vehicle Template.

However, I’m experiencing some issues and I’m all out of ideas as to what to do. I’ve re-rigged and re-skinned it I don’t know how many times, trying various things - but no matter what I do - the car will always do a wheelie and eventually flip onto its side. I ran the Show Collisions console command and saw that the collisions are seemingly out of scale all the time and I do believe this would be why.

See this screenshot for reference*(insert image doesn’t work atm)*

I’m not a 3D artist by any means, but I’m somewhat familiar with how rigging and skinning works as I’ve done it for UE4 before with another vehicle. I’ve tried resetting the XForm and doing it all over from scratch, it produces the same issue. I’ve made sure the units are set to centimeters in 3ds Max and export is set to automatic.

If anyone have some ideas that would be highly appreciated.

And as I said, I didn’t make this model so I am unable and unwilling to share the model.


In the end I managed to fix it somehow, not quite sure but I think reset xform eventually decided to work. :rolleyes: