Inconsistent Physics Constraint Behavior

I am creating a VR Character via c++. I am creating my subobjects in c++ and exposing them in BP. I have a motioncontroller component, a static mesh, skeletal mesh, and a physics constraint.

I have done this setup numerous times, but this project is causing me some very inconsistent problems.

If I create an actor class with the above mentioned components. StaticMesh is attached to Motioncontroller, and then is physically constrained to the skeletal mesh. I adjust the physics constraint in blueprint to constrain the two components. This works and the constraint behaves as it should.

In my character class, the skeletal mesh, which is constrained to the static mesh attached to the motioncontroller. The skeletal mesh is setup with simulated physics, a physics body in the skeletal mesh, etc. When I simulate gameplay, the constrained skeletal mesh snap to the origin of their parent, and will not move from that spot. I get a warning “Attemping to move a fully simulated body, use teleport flag”. Moving the static mesh it is attached to does not create the expected behavior in the constrained meshes. Nor does moving the entire actor, the skeletal meshes stat snapped to that previous origin point.

I am not sure which factor in the character class versus the test actor is causing the difference in behavior. I have this same setup in several projects and they behave in the character as expected.

Would really love some help with this, it is a major snag. I can clarify anything or provide additional information!