Inconsistent character rotation with UseControllerDesiredRotation


I am trying to handle the transition from a “free-look” camera to an aiming camera – with a multiplayer setup.

OrientRotationToMovement is ON and UseControllerDesiredRotation is OFF.
I move the character towards the camera, then I set OrientRotationToMovement to OFF and UseControllerDesiredRotation to ON.

Client A turns the character clockwise while Client B turns the character counterclockwise. The server picks its own as well. There is no consistency.

What I need is to be able to force all of them to go in a particular direction (based on which foot is up so there’s no leg-clipping during the turn). I tried rotating the actor a little to one side hoping it would choose the smaller rotation but it doesn’t work. The movement component has its own ideas.

Please tell me I don’t have to make a custom movement component.