Inconsistency with the current Build 1808360

This build has had some weird inconsistencies regarding crashing and compiling.

I held off feedback as I wasn’t sure if this was me or the build. However, I think its the build.

First, I have to compile the code in VS, Open the editor ( I have to close it first), then compile IN the editor or else I wont see my changes. Then I finally see the changes. I have not been able to compile in the editor and see the changes in real time since I got this build.

If I add blueprint readable variables I have to go through the same process as the top however I have to close the editor and reopen after compiling in the editor in order to see my BluePrint variable. Sometimes I have to reopen several times. So workflow has been slower in this build than in UE3 (UDK)

Crashes appear random and I cant really tell what causes it. Sometimes right clicking and playing here can cause the editor to crash. Or it gives me the crash error but the editor still runs (after pressing okay to the crash pop up).

A way to move UAssets from folder to folder WITHIN the content folder is really needed. I didn’t know how to organize my assets in UE4, since its not obvious at first, and I cant find a way to safely move my Assets and carry the refs as well to a nice neat folder.

Last but not least. I want to see some simpler Slate UI examples. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Jonathan,

Don’t worry about posting here if you have a concern we are all here to help you guys and get information to improve Rocket. Certain code changes including variables currently don’t show until you restart the editor; This currently is intended behavior though may change in a future release.

If you could when you get crash if the behavior seems consistent, put them here so we can get them fix as soon as we can. You can move move assets in the content browser highlight the files you want to move and drag them into the folder on the left, it will ask if you want to copy them there or move them. Any file you move or change the name of that is referenced in a level will gain whats known as a redirector. Those are simply links to the changed files so the level can still reference them with out breaking. You can get rid of them by right clicking on them and choosing ‘Fix Up’ That will update the reference in the level appropriately. As per the Slate UI examples we are always working on new examples and may possible be something available in a future release.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the reply. Ill try to see if I can reproduce the crashes here on my end. They tend to be a bit random though.

I didn’t know I could drag assets over to the folders on the side, thanks I’ll try that!