Inconsistency of animations on Build/Standalone Mode

Hi, I’ve created a forum thread about this…

Summarizing, animations don’t run in Build/Standalone Mode the same way they run inside the editor.

Forum thread: Inconsistency of animations on Build/Standalone Mode - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Video about the problem: - YouTube


Heyo fireapache,

I’m working on tracking down a repro on this. It appears that the wrong morph targets are being activated on these anims in game (ie: eyebrows are moving in game instead of eyelids)

Oddly enough, I was experimenting around and duplicated the Genius_Test3 animation (called it Genius_Test4) and then dropped it in the level. Now all of the other examples work fine in standalone game. I’ll continue looking into this, but wanted to give you an update since it’s been a few days.

Thanks for your patience,


Thank you the reply ! I’m really worried about this issue because I’ll have to use other characters with the same morphtarget structure in the future.

I’m looking forward to see the solution for this. Thanks again!

Hey fireapache,

Unfortunately I was unable to find a workaround for you. I have entered a bug for this as UE-11344. This will put it in front of one of our engine developers. I’ll keep you up to date on this bug. Thank you for your patience on this.

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I can keep using play in viewport mode, and now with 4.7 I don’t need Standalone mode to preview on Oculus!

As I post in the forum thread, this problem happens only in Standalone Mode now, this issue will be gone in the final build (for both 32 and 64 bits).

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I’m glad it isn’t halting your development. If you notice any other related problems, please let us know!

EDIT: Marking this as answered for tracking purposes

Just an update. This bug has been marked as fixed, but is still awaiting verification.