Inconsistance between Log & Crash Report


since 1 or 2 versions, we have a discrepancies between what’s in the log file and what is avalaible in the CrashReport data. Log file is not as detailled as the CrashReport data.

Repro - Launcher binaries -

  • Create a C++ Empty Project

  • Create a new Exec function on the Player Controller Class

  • In the function body add:

    AActor * Test = nullptr;
    FVector TV = Test->GetActorLocation();

  • Launch the game in “Standalone”, call your exec function to crash the client.

  • Check the log and the crash report data and you will see that the Log are not as detailled ad the Crash Report

In the logs, we don’t have anymore the stack trace and we don’t have the error message.

If is intended, could you please share the reasons of this change and eventually add an option to allow or not Detailled Crash logs?


Hey -

I’ve entered a bug report to investigate the differences in the Log files and Crash Report window (UE-22615).



This is by design.
Generating call stacks at run-time is time and memory consuming and it is disabled by default. Crash report client is the tool for that, but if you want to enable run-time call stack generation, add this parameter to the command line "-ForceLogCallstacks"