Incomprehensible light sources

Good afternoon.

I just started learning to work with the engine. There was a problem with design of the room.

As you can see on the screenshots, the building joints are highlighted. I would be glad if someone could share how to solve the problem.


That’s light bleeding. The baked lighting gets saved to lightmaps which are really just textures. That means your lighting is going to be baked to a pixel grid on the surface of the mesh. If other meshes do not line up exactly with those pixels you can have an issue where a pixel from the outside (where there’s light) can be partially visible on the inside and add illumination where it’s not supposed to be.
It can also work the other way with shadows causing dark edges in the corners.
To avoid this, you would need to make sure that walls/ceiling/floor meet in the corners exactly and do not extend beyond the corners.

Thank you very much.