Incompatibility_Issue_Educational Pass


er…okay so I am absolutely new to all of this… Well fairly new. I DO understand that the free Unreal and the paid for EDUCATIONAL Unreal assets must be protected. However, I am currently using my husbands free version and attending classes with the Educational version. So, here lies my, and my classmates problem.

I cannot edit or even OPEN the file our instructor has tasked us with adding sound to. We are supposed to create “jungle ambience” but again file will not open. As I understand that there is an educational version, package, whatever you call it in technical terms, I do realize this is a protection sort of action against theft from individuals using Unreal (free version). However is there a “student pass” option? I mean, the Epic Launcher requires you to sign in before opening it right? So is there some way to bridge this sort of thing to allow it to open when I sign into it? I mean, for the duration of whatever classes are registered on your servers or however you do that. Is that already a thing? Again, still learning unreal so…little help? Great thanks!