Income issues

Hi friends
These days I’m playing with UE4 blueprint and android coding (using eclipse).
I know that creating good games for android/IOS makes a lot of money for you and
I was watching a lot of your projects in the project section of the site. This question arouse in my head that is it possible for an individual fresh man like me to make lots of money through this work? saying that I’m not a professional at modeling and these stuff, just coding and blueprints.
please share your idea and give me motivations to continue my work cause I like gaming :slight_smile:
by the way introduce me if you know individuals who got successful at their work :slight_smile:

Do you have a good idea for a game? If yes, then 100% possible! :slight_smile:

some how yees
I’m developing one :slight_smile:
Is there a webpage where I can check good and successful games to get idea from them ?

hi friends,
i do love games, playing and designing.
i dont think it is the right moment to discuss whether and how much money could be earned through making games.
Just do it because you love it.

Anything is possible if you have the drive and motivation to do it.

Now please don’t take this the wrong way … it is not intended as an attack against you … but expecting someone to spoon feed you with ideas will not help you make money in this industry. You need to be the one to come up with an idea and you need to be the one to make your idea a fruition.

Sometimes your idea will come to you while you are doing something or following a tutorial or even while you are walking down the street. Can it make money … yes … but that is dependent on you making your idea work and bringing it to the market.

Will the first game you ever make be a huge hit … well that is an unknown … some people get lucky … others don’t. Ultimately you are in control of your destiny, UE4 is the tool to unlock that destiny but you still need an idea, the drive, the motivation, and the desire to make your game and make it a success.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do. 8-}

a healthy marketing budget goes a long way too.
just look at apps like that singing frog ect for proof
any app even if its pointless and rubbish (or anything for that matter) + constantly throw it in everyone’s face = profit

I agree about a healthy marketing budget … but that is not all that a game needs.

I disagree with the rest of your statement … they may make some money for a little while but they will never make a lot of money. I actually haven’t heard about the product you are talking about and I have all manner of smart devices, tablets, computers. I am constantly on the web and part of my job is to be on the web … and I know nothing about what you have just mentioned.

The problem with throwing useless apps and games at people is that shoppers are starting to get smarter and if you enter that market the chances are that your organisation will always be tagged with that market even if you release the next best thing at a later stage.

The mobile market may be experiencing a boom … but the people who buy apps are getting smarter and reading reviews first before they buy. As I said, you might get lucky and hook some sales … but the chances are very strong that you will blow your chances later on and the longevity of your products will be severely hampered.

It is a fine line and I don’t think it is as cut and dried as you have indicated. Maybe I am wrong … who knows.

You all guys are right,
the important key in this major is insisting on your game and do not leave your idea. I thought it might be a good idea to get a good perspective while I’m in the early stages of my work :slight_smile:

Dear tegleg: it’s good to have you beside ourselves again :slight_smile:

Thank you all, if you have any comments please share with me

maybe the frog one was before your time, it was just the first one that sprung to mind because my sister had it, but you know the kind of things i mean.

sorry i have to disagree, its not just apps this applies to either, its any ‘product’.
im sure everyone could name a few things that are heavily mainstream purely due to good marketing.
the entire genre of ‘pop’ music is a classic example, another obvious one is facebook, where would that be now without that initial high dollar throat ramming.
even if your game is the best game ever made and you are passionate and motivated about it, if nobody knows it exists it will not sell, simple as that.