Including two separate Third Party Libraries

Hi, I have two 3rd party libraries that I need to incorporate into my UE4 project. These libraries read in a specific filetype and do operations with them.

  • First is a C library, has an associated .lib and .dll file.
  • Second is a C++ wrapper for the first, and has a .lib file plus several .h files that I need to #include.

At the moment (as a workaround) I have to pre-prepare the files by spitting their contents out to text files through a separate Visual Studio application then reading those files into the UE4 project, but this is pretty slow and inefficient and I’d like to just do it directly if possible.
I’ve tried hunting around on these forums and the wider web, but I feel like I’m missing something since none of these solutions seem to be working. Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile: