Including TinyXml in a xcode project

Hi everybody,
i would need to use tinyxml in my project. If i try to include tinyxml source folder (copying sources in my project) i get compilation errors (unresolved symbols).
Is there a particular procedure to include external projects sources?

There is an XmlParser plugin in the engine already. You don’t need to use TinyXML to parse XML unless you have another library you are using in a module that depends on it.

Add it to the private dependencies of your game code module and you should be able to use it.

Hi thank you for your reply.
Link you provided does not work :frowning:
My question is more generic. If i would need to include a generic c++ library (as such as tinyxml) it would be difficult? It looks strange that documentation focuses only on “artistic” details and not on how to take control of unreal to get a complete solution.

There have been numerous posts on the topic, and a tutorial on the wiki on how to link static libraries. Build TinyXML as a static library (directly in VS/XCode, not through UBT), then wrap the library in an external module, and add the module to your primary game module’s list of dependencies (as you do with any other UE module). Examples of this can be seen in the ThirdParty source directory in the engine source, and also here.

I’ve been using PugiXML myself, it’s very easy to just drop the 3 source files it consists of into an existing module. The built-in XmlParser had quite a few limitations last time I tried it.