Including Third-Party libraries [pcl/boost] into unreal / plugin creation

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

I recently tried to include an external C++ library (namely the Point Cloud Library and boost) into Unreal. Because I barely found material/tutorials about that (would be nice to improve the documentation in this regard), I decided to make a complete tutorial on how to include an external third party library into unreal.

Here is the Tutorial on my blog: /

A boost / PCL plugin template to be used as a starting point can be downloaded here:

Hope this’ll help some folk.


Thank you! I struggled with external libraries as well. What can bite you with DLLs is accessing objects across dll boundaries: MSDN

Through an abstraction layer that can be called from Unreal’s game thread it should work better and not crash. I had issues registering callbacks in a plugin dll. The callback gets called from the plugin dll context and calls event delegates in UE from another thread than the game thread. -> Crash