Including PSD (or zip) file in marketplace submission?

Hello everyone,

I’m about to submit my new package and wondering if is there any way to add PSD source file of my assets to marketplace package? I want that users who purchased my package, also get PSD source of the images. My mouse is over on submit and really waiting for your feedback on this.


Yes you’re allowed to include source files as per the submission guidelines:

" Functionality
All assets must be fully functional with the latest Unreal Engine. Content submissions may optionally include source assets (for example, from software such as Blender, 3D Studio Max, Maya, and Photoshop) within the project folder structure."

Thanks for the answer akka! So should I move PSD file directly to the OS directory instead of the “Content Browser” ?

You’ll want to keep the source files outside the “Content” folder or they’ll end up importing in to Unreal Engine (at least some of them like .psd). You may have submitted these by now, but you can always reorganize and re-upload the files after Epic emails you.

Oh. Yes I have submitted already within the PSD file inside the Content folder. Thanks for your help!