Including editor with packaged game

You’ll need to make your own editor as far as i know. Search in Answerhub, there was a question on this same topic answered by Epic staff.

Hello there,

I’m part of a dev team doing texture work and animation, along with some Blueprint here and there.
We’ve recently switched to UE4 and are now wondering if it’s possible to include the level editor with our packaged game as we would like to support community made maps.

We do realize that since UE4 is not free that we can’t just package it up with the game, instead we were hoping there might be a way to either package only the level editor or perhaps make our own, if neither of those are a realistic possibility is there some special licensing we need to be able to do this?

Thank you for your time!

Per the Terms of Service you cannot ship the editor in any form or fashion with you game. If you need it you can contact Epic to work out terms. This question has been asked several times, please see search if not clear.

Thank you for your answer, the only other answer I found was that the end-user would be able to download “Rocket” and use that to make maps.

I haven’t been able to find a way to directly contact Epic, other than submitting a request for a custom license term.