Including DirectX install in UE4 packaged project

Hey everyone,

So i can’t find the best forum for this, but content creation seems vaguely reasonable.

So we’ve created a project, packaged it all up etc. and it runs fine on multiple PCs in our office and on home networks. However on other computers, it straight up refuses to run. Now i think this is down to Direct X not being installed, as the computers it has been tested on all have that installed.

Is their a way when packaging my project up, that i’m also able to bundle the installers for Direct X and any other requirments into the launch of the project, like you’d see when installing other games, or is it something that i will need to manually do on these computers?

The best solution for that is install the same version of UE4 with identical version of components on your multiple computers in your office.
Also Make your sure that these computers are the same models, such as identical GPU and CPU, then will be fine with Direct X.
If you’re in editor on multiple PC make your sure that render/preview is the same on other PC’s.
But you can always do with different way by configure TCP Socket Plugin for UE4.
TCP for Unreal Engine is an protocol to connect players into your project, it work like media server but you can always configure that and give permission to other PC’s in your office to use editor mode.
So on the main PC administator hosting server and he giving permission to join other PC’s in your office and everyone able to use editor and they working at this same project together.