Including a SDK in plugin

So this might be a dumb question but I can’t find an answer anywhere.

I am working on a plugin for using Kinect in an unreal project but I can’t seem to find how to include the library files.
Normally I can get the lib files by going through properties of the project file in Visual studio but in the unreal project this option is not present.
I understand this is because unreal uses its own build tool. So how do I tell it to include the libraries? The headers seem to work like normal in visual studio but not the lib files.
I am using engine version 4.14 kinect SDK 2.0 and Visual studio 2015 community.

Any help is appreciated.

You have to use Build.cs C# file to tell UBT to include the additional library to be loaded, also add include paths to its header files.
You can see this in several xxx.Build.cs files in engine source.

Last time I did this was few days ago for this plugin, you can take a look at its folder structure and its Build.cs file:

Ok so I got it to build by setting up the build.cs and file structure the way you show but it doesn’t seem to do anything. If I try to include the Kinect header it says the file can’t be opened. I can get it to find the header if i put the path in the projects properties, include directory or place it directly in the project folders but it just throws a ton of errors and wont build.
Nothing seems to be consistent, all the engine plugins seem to use different methods none of which I can get to work.
As far as I can tell it is not actually getting the library file and that is causing the errors when I include the header.
How do you actually tell the UBT what to include?

You can take a look at a plugin Unrealjs in the unreal marketplace.

You can take a look at a plugin Unrealjs in the unreal marketplace.

I think I got it to find the files but when I include the Kinect.h header in a code file I get tons of errors, mostly ambiguous symbol.
Any ideas are appreciated.

Many libs have #define fields that conflicts with UE4’s already defined ones.