Include please experimental features in installer version Unreal Engine

Hello, Unreal Developers!

For now it’s very long process for just look to new experimental feature:

  • Download source, compile source. Reinstall Visual Studio if you have some problems. I’m spend half day for getting work Unreal engine for to see just 1 experimental feature. It’s awfully.

My suggestion - include experimental features in installer version Unreal Engine and unchecked this features by default. Let user easy way to activate experimental feature without spending long time for not needed operations.


Actually the binary build has some experimental features built in. For example you can activate the new Particle System Editor, Niagara via a config file.

If I am not mistaken, experimental items do get into the installer version of UE4 - they are off by default. You have to go thru menus, or settings window to get them turned on.

Thanks, but I’m din’t find Webassemble in config file. Do you know how activate this features via config file?