Include GooglePlaySDK error

Hello everyone! I has a problem with using GooglePlay SDK in UE4.
I has a c++ function library in that i want to include “gpg.h”, so i write:

#include "ThirdParty/GooglePlay/gpg-cpp-sdk.v2.3/gpg-cpp-sdk/android/include/gpg/gpg.h"

But on compile I got a include errors in gpg.h that cant find other GooglePlay SDK files


I tryed to include Dependency in Build.cs file & regenerate VS files:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "GpgCppSDK" });

But this didn’t help, what im doing wrong? Thanks.

As I understood from the following article is that the files are plugin files that were compiled with an earlier NDK:

I’m facing the same issue, appreciate if you found a solution to it