#Include files not showing in Visual Studio


I’ve recently go back into using Unreal Engine and i am using version 25.4. When going to Include Header files in my CPP files, Visual Studio 2019 cannot seem to find them when using the syntax #include "FileName.h". However, if i use the syntax #Include <FileName.h> visual studio seems to find them. I have no issues compiling with either solution, but its a little strange having to use the <> syntax, especially for headers that are in the same directory as the cpp files. Any ideas whats going on here? Is this normal now?

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Hi! take a look at this

Already followed this, unless i missed something, it doesn’t address this situation :confused:

Do you try this? Get it from https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/gls89l/problem_with_intellisense_in_ue_425vs2019/

Just tried this. Still having the same outcome. :frowning: It’s not a big deal but i still feel that something is wrong having to use <> instead of “”.