#include cannot find some header on "New Filter Directory"

Hello, i try to figure out what happen here, on Visual Studio 2015, i have my project and since it getting bigger, i have create some “New Filter Directory”. I have one for example, named “Data” ,who get all my FTableRowBase class. So as soon i create a new class inside unreal and i try to access my header inside the “Data Filter Directoy”,that said “No such file and directory”… here a screenshot :


Anyone can help me?

Thank you!

I did a test here I have found that: When you create a new class WITH VS2015, and you do not specify its location, it will be placed inside /YourProjectName/Intermidiate/ProjectFiles/

So what I did to work is: Create a folder with Windows Explorer, not VS, within OpenWorld named Data, as you did, and move your file from /YourProjectName/Intermidiate/ProjectFiles/ to your Data folder, it worked for me…

Thank you, work for me too! :slight_smile: