incapcitated "KO"

Hi there, I am trying to incorporate a incapacitated state before death occurs. I want to be able to get knocked out when HP reaches 0 but unless someone delivers a final blow after being knocked out for specific time, you can recover… I am a little stuck, and any help on this would be great!


i allready make a system like that on Codespartan Mmo kit.

you just need to test if hp = 0 like you allready have and at something between the branch and death notification.

in my project i add a 120s timer and after 120s if no one slain the player the HP start regen and the player can move. But if there is a slain on the 120s timer you start the death notification sequence.

yeah I am using codespartan’s kit, so you use a condition if hp = 0, and lock player movement, and controls for 120 secs?

that’s what i make for test incap player. That’s certainly other way for make it cleaner.

the part in blue is under your branch and death comment

ahh, Merci! Thank you kindly.