inapp video tutorial request

I am requesting someone to create a video tutorial walking us through the process of how to make a working inapp purchase blueprint system for Android Google play store. I have read all the documentation ue has to offer + on android’s side too, but these documentations are not enough for me to fully understand how to make it happen.

I tried searching for any possible tutorial regarding the subject, but youtube and google by search is completely empty of any related videos. I hope someone can do a video about this, and if I ever figure this out, I will definitely do one so that people with trouble to read heavy text can understand by visual guide.

Below you see my code thus far. I don’t understand its logic what dictates that the purchased item will remain forever in the game, despite the “consumable item” box. Since my game logic runs through “success” pin which checks “paid” boolean true, what guarantees that once the player quits the game and reopenes it at a later date, that the item he bought is still there, specifically meaning what dictates that the “paid” boolean remains true when the game is restarted and its default value is always false.