Inactive player. Return to main menu

I am using Unreal for Architectural visualisations. The scene will be located in our office and clients will be able to walk around the scene at will. I am trying to setup so that if the character is inactive or not moving for 4 minutes the simulation will stop and the game will rest back to the main menu so that the simulation can be used by the next person. Is this possible?

Any help will be greatly appreciated



Hey David,

Yup, this is entirely possible! You could easily also integrate a menu with an exit game functionality as well if you would prefer a little more control over it.

Essentially, you would want to set up a function or part of your blueprint (on the playerpawn I believe) to where it has a timer attached to it, and when the timer hits 0 from a countdown of 4 minutes, it then triggers a load to the menu UI. You could even do this almost entirely in the level blueprint itself if you wanted to by using structs in tandem with the playerpawn and level blueprints.

Let me know if you need any more info, and I’d be happy to oblige!

  • Sinari

Hello Sinari,
I’m trying to do the same as David but didn’t manage to for the moment.
Can you more specific in your explanation?
I understand that I have to use a timer but how to get the fact that the player in inactive?