Inaccurate hit location for fast moving actors

Hit location from event hit is inaccurate even with ccd enabled. Ive tried to change tick group to post physics and it seems like it increased accuracy, but i still need more acurate result. Adding collision component didnt help.
Screenshots of my script and result. Screenshots were made in ue5, but i had same problem with ue4.

I`ll be grateful for any help.

Have you played with those 2?

Also, if this is a projectile, why not use a Projectile Movement Component? It takes over PhysX (for non-simulating static meshes) calculation and gives you sub-stepping and CCD Sweeps:

Besides that, I wouldn’t worry about that too much - PhysX will be replaced (and deprecated) with Chaos in the final UE5. On the other hand, I’d worry a lot because Chaos is in a truly sorry state :expressionless:

extremely fast moving actors like this do tend to have some issues with collisions
I assume this is a projectile youre shooting, if its moving that fast you probably cant see it in the air right?
Not quite what youre looking for but a good alternative would be to skip the bullet and just use a line trace. youll spawn the muzzle flash effect from your gun/camera or whatever, shoot the line trace, if it hits then spawn the bullet there at your players rotation which should immediately fire any collision logic from the bullet blueprint.