Inaccurate Animation Retargeting

I’m using a character I made from FUSE. I retargeted it with the animation starter pack, but there seems to be some inaccurate bone translations even after changing the Translation Retarget options.

Below you can see significant difference with the arms. Is it supposed to be like this or am I missing something?


Bump. Anyone?

I had followed the documentation for retargeting and I also had similar problems. I could never get the hands to be where it should with just retargeting settings. So I just adjusted animations in persona. Just move the bones where you want them to be and save the animation.

@Pabooklas I thought of doing that too. I was just hoping there was an easier way to fix it.
Anyways, thanks for the reply.

I believe you can actually export your FUSE character and download from the Mixamo site with a UE4 rig so there should be no need to retarget, just select the ASP character skeleton when importing into UE4.

Thats what I do always. I select ue4 skeleton I follow documentation step by step, but the result is always like in the pic above. Idle run looks ok but once you get into weapon animations, it starts to show.

My advice is to just adjust the bones manually. It doesnt take much time and saves lots of headache.

My fifty cent:
Check the origin and boneaxes. Perhaps you moved the hands a bit outside, because of boobs.
When you align the both models in something like onionskinview, then the wrong handpos looks for me that amount, that would be needed, to let boobs untouched.
Middle of that inner/outer-movement would be the originalposition of bluemanhands.
When you eport and the axes are twisted “forward export y+ Z up”-" forward export y-(!) Z up" that could happen.
I am beginner and my english is a pile of rusty trash, sry.
Greetings ^^