Inability to search for classes using the alphabets in Japanese mode

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When I am using UE4 in Japanese mode, I can’t search for classes by using the alphabets on the class search field of the “Place” mode with “All Classes” selected.

For example, there are no hits when searching for the PlayerStart class by typing in “PlayerStart” , but typing in “プレイヤースタート” (the Japanese equivalent of “PlayerStart”) works.
[Translator’s note: Entering “Player Start” doesn’t work with 4.5 (Release), either.]

Is this a bug, considering that you can get some hits when searching for nodes using the alphabets as well as Japanese?

Even if it’s not a bug, I think it’s an inconvenient behavior. Could you please improve it?
The version of the engine I am using is the UE4.5 (Preview).


–Asked by alwei

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Thank you for the bug report, and sorry for the late reply.

I have filed the issue as a bug for now. I’ll post any update here.


–Joe Conley STAFF

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