(In Your Opinion) What's the Best Keyboard and Mouse to use for 3D design?

I’m looking at a new keyboard and mouse combination to really streamline my productivity. Currently, I have a simple Logitech multimedia wireless keyboard and a basic wireless two button mouse with scroll wheel.

However, I’m tired of replacing batteries (they’re getting expensive!) So, I’m looking for something wired. I know that to use Blender efficiently, you NEED a middle mouse button (currently I’m emulating it in Blender, but that is slowing my down a bit). This is a concern because I’m also starting to learn 3D modeling, as I want to design some of my own objects.

For a keyboard, I’m also looking for a wired option. Beyond that, I’m not too picky. I do want a full keyboard with a number pad, as well as all the (delete, insert, home, etc). Having media shortcuts would be nice, but it’s not required.

So, what are YOU using, what would you recommend?

My solution

Thank you! I’ll look into that, however, that doesn’t answer my primary question. I also need a mouse solution that includes an optimal number of buttons. I don’t want something that has too many, which is why I’m asking other designers what equipment do they use.

It doesn’t matter which mouse you use as long as it has a high resolution. And with a keyboard it depends more on your personal preferences and what you are mainly doing with it.

Personally I still use my Dell SK8185 keyboard that came with one of my old computers and my old Logitech M318e mouse, even though it has a very low res. of 1000 dpi.

I also use one of the following, but cannot recommend it. Once you worked with a Spacemouse it’s hard to do without it. The manufacturer also offers other mice and keyboards. Although they are quite expensive, they are particularly designed for 3D and CAD applications.