In Your Face!


EyeManga3D - Introduction Playlist:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
EyeManga3D - Blueprints-based Dynamic Character Eye System

Inspired by Robot Chicken, Zelda, Anime/Manga, and the desire for other than stiff-eyeballed Characters in games.

Instantly Add Dynamic Eyes to your Game Characters!

  1. 100% Blueprints-based for simple integration and modification.
  2. 2D Animation Support using Flipbook Animation
  3. Use with Existing Characters, simply add EM3D Accessories as Child Actor components for Instant Eyes
  4. 3D Eyeball Support w/ Masking - Add dynamic Eyes to your Characters without direct modifications to the Mesh.
  5. Flexible Eye Tracking System for Manual/Automated control
  6. Fully Customizable PBR Materials. Create unimaginable Eye Designs mixing Anime with Photo-realism.
  7. Extendible Modular Eye Parts
  8. Front-end: (In-game) UMG Editor (‘Decoupled Logic’, All Logic located in separate BP Actor)
  • Save/Load Presets and Individual Character Eye Profiles
  1. Back-end: Eye Animation Control Functions, Material Instance Parameter Adjustments, Array Data-fill


  1. 2D Mouth - Modular with Flipbook Animation Support.
  2. Look Alive Compatible.

Destined for the Unreal Marketplace and Feb 2017