In World Composition some levels re-position randomly

in World Composition some levels get reposition randomly
all Sup-Levels which under Persistent-Level always when I’m working on different maps,
then when I see the [Summons world composition]
so I found only this thread, and it’s not helping me
and here is one comment from Staff: ddvlost Unreal Engine

Probably that “jumps” is a world
origin rebasing. Rebasing may happen
when you do certain operations on
sublevels (move, show/hide,
load/unload). This is useful when you
edit very large worlds (>20km). During
rebasing relative positions between
actors should stay the same, only
absolute positions will be changed.
You can disable rebasing in World

So when I search in world setting [rebasing]
I found
Enable World Origin Rebasing and the tick square is Empty, nothing inside, No mark. So that’s mean its Disabled
it’s not only levels going randomly, but its also changed
LevelBounds Scale and Location, and here when the bounds go bigger than the original level, you can see the white background behind the level in [Summons world composition]
and also the Sub-Level in Scale and Location its changed randomly

any Idea how to fix this?

anyone ? .