In Unity I can Blend Root Motion, why can't I do this with UE, your thoughts or workarounds?


like the title suggests. We simply can’t get Root motion to blend in Unreal, and this has been probably established by now, the typical answer would be to go with capsule animation or to hope for an in between solution from Epic sometime in the future (like the one shown in Paragon Tech).

After booting up unity the first thing we discovered is that we could actually blend root motion easily. This creates so many possibilities for us animators. While we have to deal with many frustrations in UE when it comes to getting the feet not to slide or to have more control over the animation quality.

And having pure root motion throughout without blending in unreal is just not practical for two reasons:
1- Player responsiveness (ex. you have to wait for root clip 1 to end before executing root clip 02).
2 - The astronomical amount of tiny in between animations you may need to create for every transition.

side note: Also we discovered the in built IK system in Unity is far more feature ready than what we were trying to get in Unreal with 3 times the effort, if that isn’t enough you have countless IK systems on their store including one very powerful one for very affordable prices.

I just wish i had some of these going for UE I mean these are important for workflow purposes.

What are your thoughts or workarounds?

Do you plan on using it in single player mode only or do you want to replicate it over net connection?

Single Player mode only.

Then in the animation blueprint change the root motion setting from “root motion from Montage only” to “Root motion from everything”

I am pretty sure we tried this, there was something in there that wasn’t working otherwise we would’ve used it. I will go back to check once more maybe we missed something, will keep you posted if something comes up. Meanwhile thanks for taking the time and replying.

Humm strange Unreal 4 blends like crazy. How do you have your migration path set up in the AnimGraph?

Can you post a pic?

Thanks guys for your time and replies, we went back to the drawing table and gave it another shot, seems a few hints here and there helped us to understand this better, we still need to do more tests to make sure it works as we expect it, but so far the basic blends seem to work, I guess we were also trying to blend root motion with capsule and that wasn’t working out too well, now we are back to trying to going root motion all the way.

FrankieV: Not to sidetrack from this thread, but you’ve been helpful before, I would like to ask if you could try and have a look at the last thread of mine you replied to, I pointed at the files you could download, it’s been driving us crazy for the past few weeks with no solution in sight. Just need a confirmation on this problem, Thread link below:!

Appreciate it!

What if I do want to replicate over network? Any sugguestions? Thanks.