In UMG sound with movie

I have updated the MediaPlayer ot use the MediaAsset file, and it has both the video and audio set. It’s supposed to play a mp4 movie on the UMG, the video plays but not the audio.

It is possible the volume is just zero, but I couldn’t find how to adjust the volume.

How do you get the sound from a movie to play on a UMG widget along with the movie?

Thank you

Saved the sound as wav and will play at location separately as a hack.

It would be nice to know if this is a MediaPlayer BUG or if it requires a setting or calling a function to make audio play in a UMG movie.

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You need to create a MediaSoundWave asset, assign it to the MediaPlayer’s “Sound Wave” property, and then use that sound wave to play in the UI.

That being said, our audio subsystem is still being rewritten to better support procedural sounds (which the MediaSoundWave uses), and it will take until 4.15. In the meantime, I recommend that you go to the WmfMedia plug-in settings and enable the “Native Audio Output” checkbox to play the audio directly via the operating system. If you do that, then you do not need a sound wave asset.

It’s pretty easy in 4.13 to get sound for your media files.

Along with the MediaTexture that’s generated, there’s a MediaSoundWave asset too. Just like the MediaTexture is treated like a TextureRenderTarget2D, the MediaSoundWave is treated like a Dyanmic SoundCue. The audio from whatever file is being played through the media player is being streamed to the MediaSoundWave file along with the video being streamed to the MediaTexture.

Here’s how I spawn mine for a simple movie player overlay:

You could presumable simply call this at any time, or create a sound Actor or anything else you can do with a SoundCue.

(Note "Playing the sound doesn’t really start the sound, it just makes it audible.)

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