In UMG, simple way to get 4k screens to look the same as 1k ?

Anyone that uses UE4 UMG know how to get screens made at 1k looking the same at 4k? Keep getting elements yanked different directions or scaled tiny. Ive messed with scale boxes but if it gets close it ends up breaking the original 1k screen.

I can get scale boxes on the elements that break somewhat close on 4k, but then they break or are too huge in 1k.

Is there a simple way to put a scale box, or some setting somewhere to just make the menu look identical between the two, as long as the aspect ratio is the same?

Hi MatCan36

I’ve found there are a few factors that affect how UI scales, and how positional data (e.g. padding, translation) gets scaled.

Would you be able to show either screenshots of your UI layout (including the widget hierarchy), and any programmatic UI manipulation if you’ve done any?

That way, I or someone else, can potentially give more tailored advice on what could be causing this issue.

General Advice:

Assuming your UI is setup correctly and no bugs occur, there is a universal scaling graph, found in ProjectSettings/Engine/UserInterface.
By defualt it should already look like this. If part of your issue is that the UI as a whole is too big/small for a certain resolution, editing this should do the trick.

UE4 is doesn’t adjust UI according to dpi as far as I know, so UI on a 4k TV vs a 4k Tablet would be bigger/smaller by the relative difference in dpi.

Scale boxes are useful if you need to scale an element uniformly within the bounds of the scale box, it probably won’t fix the issue you are experiencing though.
Scale boxes can also be a bit jittery and imprecise, especially when stacking the usage of them.

But yeah just to emphasise, if you provide more info like screenshots(accompanied by explanation of screenshot) or better yet, a github repo of the project for us to poke into, you will probably get better/more specific advice.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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