In >>>UE5<<< right clicking texture landscape layer to import heatmap from file is no longer present. is there a new way after creating your layer info?

in >>>UE5<<< right clicking a landscape texture layer, after creating your layer info and selecting import from file is no longer present. is there a new way to use heat maps? or is this a bug?

I know this is a longshot but did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue since I’ve built my world in World Creator and now am wanting to import those heatmaps.

Same issue here, would love to find out the work around… :slight_smile:

Same issue.

Right click on your landscape layer and choose import. Inside of this new window, you will check the layer you want to import a heatmap to, and then find that heatmap in the … file browser next to it.

Thanks for helping out, but I’ve tried that and the layers do populate where you can import your texture map. Using the heatmap from World Creator worked easy peasy in 4.27 with the exact files I’m using in UE5, only now I get an error. First one I noticed was the import resolution says invalid from the get go. The second is the error pop up in the picture. Any ideas? Anything is appreciated

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yep, same issue for me.

Same issue as @Gen_Uzimaki11 . Did anybody find a workaround?

you need to select Height map to get it working … then you can turn it off and it will work because import resolution would be detected/set …