In UE4.19 Cannot find Z axis in Blueprints / Class Defaults> on created Category

Hi having real problems with a tutorial on Wiki site - A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

You have two variables door open and door close, you put them into a “category.” then

Step 11 - -

  1. At the top of the Blueprint Editor, click the Class Defaults button.


Set the Z value of Door End to 288. inside of your category.

My view is this? There is only one AXIS no Z axis, I cannot set my door to move correctly on the choice of three Axis

So confused, any help greatly appreciated. So lost on fixing this!!!

  1. Compile and save your Blueprint.

Hey, so I got up to the same point as you in this door tutorial and I found out how to fix it.
I’m currently still learning UE4 so I apologise in advance if I’m using incorrect terms.

  • Set the “Door End” Default like you have already done.
  • Make sure the green lerp node and the blue set relative location nodes are unconnected.

  • Right click on yellow new location pin within the blue set relative location node and select “Split struct pin”
  • Connect the return value pin in the green lerp node to the new location z pin inside the blue Set Relative Location

  • The axis value can be change in the the “Door End” default class

*Note you can connect multiple pins in each node just know that the values will be the same.

Version 4.20.1

Hope this helps,