In the process of remodeling (IRL)

So, remodeling the house, converting a bedroom into an office space, furnishing both the master bedroom and the guest-room, as well as, well, the entire house :\ I know it’ll take years before I finish; however, starting to design some accessories for one of the rooms, and figured I’d throw them into UE4 to see how one of the items looks, and I must say; this is way better than using only 3dsMax for visualizing.

I wasn’t sure where to put some eyebolts, but playing around in UE4 + VR… yep. I think I might actually design the entire thing before I start on the woodworking, just to see how everything looks beforehand :smiley:

Nothing special, at all… but gives a good representation of what it’ll look like once I’m finished. I’ll probably end up measuring out the room and add in the room + lighting that I’m thinking about, which would be a smart move imo before I start throwing money at the project.