In the new 4.1 preview build collision problem .

In the new 4.1 preview build the collision of the sphere in the first person shooter template doesn’t collide the cubes on the map and wont push them as well . also, the base mesh for the FPS template is missing the gun ( only arms ) .
Any way to fix it ?
I’v already moved my project and now when i try to go to the previews version it says :

C:/Users/Remote/Documents/Unreal Projects/Doom2Remake/Content/Maps/Example_Map.umap is a future UE4 map file [Cur:348], from an engine release newer than this [Max:342]!

And it gives me a blank map .

Seems like this got left in the final release of 4.1 and also the seems to be issue of you look straight down at the ground the player cant move until they pick their head back up

We fixed a bug in 4.1 with Overlap events. Here are the change notes on the topic:

  • Fixed overlap event related bugs. Correct behavior related to overlap flags may break old content relying on bad behavior.
    – A collision between two objects can be set to Ignore, Overlap, or Blocking.
    – An overlap event will occur if two objects Overlap and both have the Generate Overlap Events flag set to true.
    – A bug in the code made it so that in certain situations an overlap would trigger even if one of the overlapping objects had the flag set to false.
    – This means overlap events that were previously firing could now stop due to improper flagging.
  • Fixed Overlap events to only fire when collision is marked as overlap.
    – There was a bug where in some cases an overlap event would fire even if a collision was marked as Blocking.

Because StaticMeshActors (e.g. the blocks in that template level) do not set Generate Overlap Events to true by default, this means that Overlap events are no longer generated when shooting the projectiles at the blocks. We changed the template so projectiles are Blocked by the blocks, and use Hit events instead. You will need to make a similar change to any games made with the FPS template.

The missing gun mesh was a mesh change that did not get merged correctly, we will fix it for 4.3!

Thanks! Been working on some prototypes, going to make those changes tonight and let the rest of team know what to do from now on