In Set timer by event node, Runtime Looping dosen't work

My intention is to execute event at every 1 second, for period of 5 seconds.

To achieve this I used blueprint node “Set timer by event”. Here is my logic:

After 5 seconds, It set the value of Looping = False. So that set timer by event node stop executing MyCustomEvent in Loop.

The problem is even after setting the value of Looping = False, It will not stop executing the event. It goes on executing the event infinite time.

I think, The node set timer by event is not able to read the value of Looping variable at run-time.

Here are some of the screenshots. Is there any solution for this?

Set Timer create new timer everytime you call it so you createing new timer without looping, to stop timer you need to grab refrence that it returns (blue output) store it to varable and then use to clear timer:

There more control options, for insted of making new timer everytime you could pause and unpause existing timer:

Sounds good. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: . I really appreciate it.