In Sequencer: set keyframe coordinates from table. Frame by frame.

I use Sequencer and Movie Render Queue to render video with alpha channel. When I make keys for object motion manually – it works just perfect. The problem is that I have a series of coordinates from external source (it can be in form of table or any other – doesn’t matter), which I need to apply to the object frame by frame.

What is the best way to do it?

So far, I found that there is ‘Movie Render Pipeline’ in ‘Unreal Engine Blueprint API Reference’. It has function ‘Get Current Shot Frame Number’. I don’t know how it works, but theoretically, I don’t even have to make keyframes, all I need is to use some ‘Event Tick’ (if any in this process) and set coordinates to object from table basing on frame number frame-by-frame.

I would prefer to use Blueprints, but I can also program on C++.

Are there any ideas for solution?

Thank you in advance!

I would suggest using python to create a level sequence, tracks, sections and keyframes. There are some examples of using python with sequencer in the source directory:


You can also do all that in an editor utility widget with BPs.

Thank you! I looked it trough, it will take me a while to learn how to use python… Is there more straight way with Blueprints?

Yeah, you can call the same functions in an Editor Utility Widget.