In sequencer, can I prioritise "sections" instead of keyframes with the marquee selection?

I am having a hard time moving all my content and keeping my keyframes and sections paired up. Selecting both may be acceptable as well. Currently marquee selecting will grab the keyframes and not move the tracks as well.

Keys get selected first as you’ve seen. If you hold down shift and drag again, you’ll be able to add the sections to your selection.

Another tip - you can use i and o to define a selection region and then “Select All in Selection Range”.

Once you have them selected, you can move everything a finite amount with the “Transform Selection”… menu item.


Oh man this is extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

Actually, got to test this this morning. Holding shift and dragging again does not seem to select sections, but rather de-select the previously selected keyframes :frowning:

It should work like this: