In search of a technology partners on a VR project

Here are some updates:

We are now in need of client/server programming veterans based in Shanghai with full experience in UE4 on Android and IOS.
We are a fun and high-efficient team. We move fast with clear goal and new mates into the team will always be welcomed!
Talk to us by leaving a message at [EMAIL=“”]



I’m FACE, based in Shanghai, China. I am new to this forum but I guess this will leave me no problem to express my sincere hope of finding a technology partner for a VR project that I have been working on for a while.

In short, together with you, my future partner, we will build a REAL virtual world which will be a parallel to the reality, with less limitations and more potentials. It is a virtual space that allows users to create, enables multiple functions, and involves real-world transactions and events.
In the long run, by forwarding this project, a double-space will be the norm for people’s living in a future that is not far from us.

I would like to share more details with you and excitedly unveil our creation in time as we have to be quick and run against the clock now.

The ideal one is expected to be experienced in VR game development, familiar with social media and fastidious in product design. It’s great if you are based in Shanghai too, as we have to jump into discussions from time to time. If you are located in somewhere else but really matched for the project, we can work on an alternative way of cooperation. No matter by what means we cooperate, efficiency and team spirit are highly valued.

My e-mail is: [EMAIL=“”]

Every reply will be carefully viewed and my office will always be open for the one to visit!

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