In-place Replace feature

Recently we added a lot of roads into a city scene we were constructing. To make a long story short we needed to swap out the new road BP with an identical mesh. It took some time to replace them and even more time to ensure alignment.
A handy feature would have been to select a road segment, right click and have a “replace” option where the alternate mesh would assume the exact location of the one in the scene. Something like this would save a ton of time manually replacing and re-aligning things.

I think you can author editor blueprint which will ‘assist’ the editor. I am not sure of the details, but this is definitely the first step I will take if I were you.

Wait, aren’t you talking about his “Replaced selected” feature available in context menu of actor placed in world?
You need select a new actor/mesh in content browser and then it will appear at “Replace Selected Actors with”.

Putting a static mesh component into blueprint would allow you for one-click replacing all instances, but it adds overhead of blueprint actor…

Other alternatives:

  1. If you’d put all the road fragments into the same folder in World Outliner, you can easily select them all and change mesh in actor properties.
  2. Maybe using instances would be useful for you?

I’ve been in the engine 10K times and I’m not sure how I missed this. Thank you. I’ll look for it.

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Extensions to In-place Replace feature:**

Would Epic consider extending this sometime, as it’d make a great prototyping tool.
Replace-Selected-Actors with mesh-Y, but keep Scale or Fit-Into the same space.
For example, when substituting different capsule meshes into industrial pipelines etc.
If the meshes have a different Scale or different Rotation / Orientation, it’d really help…