In Physics asset, move collision will not react to cloth?

Not sure if I can ask some question for physic asset at here. Plz help and thanks a lot.

I try to built a cloak and add some collision for the body.

  1. I creat a physic asset for the mesh. The cloak is “Plane”
  2. I press “Add Bodies” the gree buttom and creat a ellipse collision. (01.png) (and save)
  3. I go to mesh editor.
    Right click the “Cloak” and “Creat clothing Data from Section” and select the physics asset I built.
    And “Apply clothing Data”. (02.png)
  4. I use “Deactivate Cloth Paint” and draw the “Cloak” (03.png) (and save)

For now I can see “Cloak” react to the ellipse collision (04.png)
And I can scale down the collision and the “Cloak” will be follow the size of this collision. (05.png)

And my 2 question is…

  1. If I move collision position, “Cloak” still act to the origin positon. (06.png)
    But how can I move this collision position?
    (I try to do is move to far away and “Cloak” should not touch to the collision)
    (And try to let this collision still connect to the bone)
    Is there any setup I should do?
    Even I try to move these collision to behind the “Cloak”, its still active very Weird (07.png). It seem the “Cloak” still react to origin position.

  2. If I use another bone to built a collsion, the “Cloak” won’t react to these collision (08.png)
    My only way to let “Cloak” react to the collision is that use the bone of “Plane” to creat a collision. (“Plane” is “Cloak” itself)
    Is there any way to let “Cloak” react to the collision which I built from other bones?

I’m a very new user to UE4.
Very appreciation to answer my question!!

sorry cannot add all image in one time.
here is all screen.