In Peremptory Shodow

Welcome to In Peremptory Shadow

The horror game built on the Unreal.
Name of Game
In Peremptory Shadow
Game Development.
Waking up at the bottom of the cold concrete stairwell in a daze, you can feel blood trickling down your face, your head is cut from the fall and you can taste the blood in your mouth. Leaning over you is a man, shaking in the freezing cold he softly speaks “hey, wake up.”, as your vision regains focus you look at him and ask “who are you”, the guy turns round and looks back up the stairwell, then back to you, barely able to speak and holding back tears he explains “I’m Max, looks like you hit your head, what’s your name”, you pause and can’t remember, you ask “where are we” this place is unimaginable hell, we have to find a way out before they come back” he pauses “I was abducted from my office, about a week ago now, here they sliced me, starved me, cut me open and burnt me, and… just unimaginable things…, a few hours ago while I was asleep, water poured in from the ceiling of the room they held me in… its just up the stairs, anyway it short circuited the electronic door and I had a look around to try and find a way out of this place."
Looking at you, "was you trying to escape too, you didn’t get far my friend, I found the exit door, I think we are underground like in a basement…?”
Standing up you try the door next to you, but it’s locked, the door has the word incinerator on it. You search your pockets for anything that may help you remember and find a key, showing it to Max, he examines it and reads the words B1 on it, he laughs, “I’ve been looking for this, it’s our ticket out of here, come on this way, we can find a way of calling for help or the police”.
With Max on the verge of collapse from his injuries and you in a state of shock from the fall, you climb to the top of the stairs…
You have entered Basement Level 1.
Your escape has just began.
The story and Gameplay takes place in and around a huge Mansion multiple floors, buildings and places to explore, unlock the mystery of this place as you play it to the very end.
First person horror action adventure
Realistic environment based on what you would find if this place existed in the real world
Puzzles grounded in realism
Explore, investigate, and survive.
Heavily based story
Multiple interactive Non playable characters to interact with
Slow zombie style enemies
Inspired by the Resident Evil Remake, but of no relation, reference or duplication, unique independent story and enemies
Unreal Engine 4
Utilises assets purchased from independent and marketplace sources for the Unreal Engine
Release Date and Platform
To be added at a later date.
PC firstly then ported to Play-station and X-Box or Next Gen