" ^ " in Path causes Problems

Unreal Engine seems to have a Problem with my username (accidentally, I don’t know how it happened) having an ^ in it, I can’t get it to work now.

I can’t create a Project, even if it’s not in the user directory, because of a .bat file is in the AppData.

Applies to every version.

Not at all

It sounds like bug so i will move it to Bug Raports i hope you don’t mind


I have been able to reproduce your issue, and have entered a bug report, UE-22616. Thank you for your report.

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Sean Flint

Well, that will take some time, had to create a new user account to get unreal to work

Quite rude to accept your answer after I’ve already accepted it

Following up on this old bug report: Unreal 4.2x does support user folders with non-alpha-numeric characters. Confirmed on UE 4.27. This was broken again in the 5.x series due to mishandling the output log path (into User data). The bug report was closed and worked as designed - which seems to misunderstand the issue.

Within the project, there should not be unusual paths or file names. However, this item relates solely to the built environment itself, where Unreal is installed, and there is no technical or design reason for the limitation, it’s simply an error within the build scripts.