In packaging whats the defrrent between development and shipping

whats the different between development and shipping and whats the usue of them ??

and whats the use of development and is it helps for recreate the project with more stability for developing ?
another question in the content examples (or some community contents) there are some projects with small size but when i open it it become very large one how they do it?

Hey MuhammadMadi,

When you package a project in development, it’ll allow you to have access to the console so you can debug and run console commands while testing your game. When you package a game for shipping, it doesn’t come with access to the console, so you can’t enter the console commands that may be needed to test your game.

Here is some additional [documentation on packaging][1].

In regards to your second question, I must ask you to clarify because I’m not quite sure what the question.

Looking forward to speaking with you further. :slight_smile:

Packaging Unreal Engine Projects | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

is like MultiplayerShootout is the voultcash is 56mb but when i create project it become 100mb
another question how do i package dedicated server ??

In development mode, the compiled project is not redistributable; it will still refer to certain files in the engine folder, and contains debug console^.

In shipping mode, the output can be passed off to run on other computers, but it does not contain the debug console.

^ You may see this as errors on launch referring to internationalization files, etc. from the ‘Engine…’ folder.

Hey MuhammadMadi,

[Standalone Dedicated Server documentation][1] may be helpful for you with packaging servers. We also have documentation for [Dedicated Servers (Windows & Linux).][2] Please review this information and if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.


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[Japanese Translation][1]ハッケーシンクの-development-と-shippingとう違う-翻訳要約.html

This is incorrect, development builds are fully redistributeable.