In need of help obtaining heightmap data from Google Earth.

I am looking at writing an FPS RPG based on an alternative history, I have seen two tutorials here for which links seem to be outdated, broken or indeed the entire domain is up for sale, I really need some help with this, I understand how to import the data in for the heightmaps and how to normalize it so that it has depth beyond base and height so that is no problem.

What I need specifically is to be able to download data from google earth for 1 square km at a 1m sq resolution with a 16 bit heightmap can someone please help me out?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, may be its not that u want but look at RenderDoc soft, u can download googlemap enviroment by using it. For example -

  1. Download location using RenderDoc
  2. Import it to blender/maya/etc (cleanup if u need)
  3. Bake heightmap from geometry to texturemap
  4. Import to ue

How to do it u can find here. Pay attation to version of RenderDoc and blender plagin compatibility, some of last verison are not working together. (USGS data)
Tangram Heightmapper
JPL NASA has some pretty good heightmaps to download as well.
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission JPL Shuttle radar topological mission data and the V2 stuff (link at bottom of page) is way better than the V1. I used it a few years ago to build replica earth using height maps to normal maps. Data I had was around 6GB

You can use the Google API to get data but they restrict what it can be used for, they probably won’t take too kindly to you using it in a game.

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