In need of a small team for hockey based game "Beer League"

I’m currently searching for a few people who are experienced with Blueprints/Coding and character animation for a new project I’ve been working on.

[Short story]
For the past 10 years I’ve been mapping and modding for games like CS:Source, Garrysmod, Unreal Tournament and a few no name FPS games. I’ve built hockey rinks in several of these games in hopes that I could follow them up with some kind of mod that allowed for a simple hockey game to be played within. But alas I don’t have all that much experience in coding and could never really break through.
That being said, I was excited to come across the Unreal Engine and realize all of its capabilities. I recently became unemployed therefor giving me PLENTY of time to invest my time into this project fully. So back to the project itself.

[Game Concept] I’ve played a great deal of NHL Hitz (years and years worth) and Rocket League more recently and started kicking around an idea for a project that I think could have potential to be very successful/fun.
With NHL Hitz in mind, I wish to have a simple game of hockey. Puck possession, slap shots, and violence. No rules whatsoever. Strictly get the puck in the net and f*ck other players up in the process (stick swinging/throwing punches etc.) Using Unreal Engines physics capabilities along side ragdoll effects I truly believe this would be quite the adrenaline filled competition.
Now with Rocket League in mind I truly appreciate their attention to customization I would like to create a similar system of unlocking hats/accessories (or in this case sticks and helmets etc.) creating some personal attachment to your player and the game itself.

[IN CONCLUSION]** That is the basic structure of the game and I have plenty more game altering ideas however I’d rather not bore anyone and or give them all away.
If you have any interest in helping with this project either shoot me a PM, email me ( or leave a comment. In my opinion even if you are not in the business of what I’m requesting the more input there is to this game the better so don’t hesitate to hit me up.

Finally as stated I would GLADLY share royalties with whoever decides to join in on this project.
I’ve done a fair amount of research on where to post such a request and if I’m in the wrong area I apologize but would be more than happy to post this somewhere else if someone could direct me towards any thread/website that could help me find the help I need.


[TEAM UPDATE]] 3/25/17

We currently have 3 people working on this project :

Sound Designer
Level Design/Modeler

We could still use maybe two more people willing to help get this project finished, if you’re interested please PM me or email me!