In need of a programmer

GAME TYPE: multiplayer realistic tactical shooter
CONTACT: dexro89 - skype, - email

War Legacy is a team based ultra-realistic multiplayer first person shooter that challenges the player to a more tactical approach to battle and to carefully coordinate with fellow teammates in order to defeat the opposing team. It is a free to play slow paced tactical shooter similar to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Raven Shield. Bullet trajectory and penetration vs armor is modelled and also a realistic effect on the player’s health and ability to fight. The game spans the whole historical period of firearms development from the first crude gunpowder weapons to modern high tech assault rifles.


800 years spanning technology tree from early gunpowder firearms to modern specialized weapons.
Advance through the technology tree, discover new weapons or upgrade existing ones with more advanced components and new attachments.
As you progress new body armors and items become available for purchase.
Ultra-realistic bullet speed, trajectory, penetration impact and effect on player health and ability to fight.
More than 50 weapons, body armors, grenades and other offensive and defensive items.
Each item and weapon has its own weight and affect the player’s movement speed.
Wound based health system that directly affects the player depending on wound location and gravity
Advanced tactical map that lets players coordinate with each other, spot enemy players to other teammates, place markers for strategic points of interest and much more
Skill based system that allows players to specialize and to develop abilities according to their style of play.
Choose to be a sniper, assault trooper, machine gunner, demolitions man or close-quarters specialist.

Game’s art is complete we are just looking for a serious programmer to help us put everything togheter.

What we are looking for: Programmer that can communicate with us, that has free time and is willing to join us as a true team mate. We are really close to putting a game out there and we would appreciate someone who is serious about commitments.

Feel free to contanct me even if you are not a programmer, new guys are always wellcome!