In need of a partner

Hello Unreal Community,

I am looking for a partner to help me build a game. The game that I am currently building is a third person shooter that will be co-op up to 4 players. What am I looking for is a partner to help build the game. I’m not looking for any advance knowledgeable person, because I am learning myself. However, if you are advanced you are more than welcome. This person must be somewhat available, when I contact you about research or whatever I don’t expect a quick response but I don’t want to wait a week for a response. I like communication, so if you are busy please let me know, I work as well in a hospital and I am a full time student so I am understanding of your time. 

I have an associates degree in computer science so I have an intermediate grasp on programming. However, I only know java and python. So I need someone who is very fluent in blueprints who could help me with the logic and flow. 

As far as payment goes I am willing to go half and half via contract on all proceeds made on the game. However, to get had you have to match or put at least some effort in the deployment of the game. Meaning one day I put 6 hours into dev time, I want at least 2-3 hours of dev time from you as well. 

I am funding 90% of this game with my own money, and once I get something worth showing for Kickstarter, I will open up a Kickstarter to receive dev funds and investments. The person who take on this role as my partner I ask that you do not give out the asset packs that I paid for, if you do I will want you to pay me for the asset pack. Only because I used my own money to purchase this pack and you are benefiting from that only, no one else.

If you want to help buy packs it will be your choice i do not care however, I am not forcing, asking, or mentioning you helping to fund a pack. You are helping by your own free will and if you help buy the pack I don’t care if you gift it to friends.

i am excited to work with whoever!! I do not do discord I hate contacting through there. Please text, or call +17067993208. Email Facebook Messenger Tyler Benton (sponge bob profile pic)